• "Counter Programming"

    "Counter Programming"

    After a long summer traversing America's highways, I'm glad to be back home in Nashville.  I'm also thrilled to pick up again with the "Be Our Guest" series at American Legion Post 82 on the East side!  Every Thursday night, The CTMCo. Nashville will present singers, songwriters, duos, trios, and bands alike in an effort to give original artists an outlet to workout new material, form new groups, and just have a good time!

    In that spirt, for our September 17th edition we'll offer "Counter Programming," an alternative to AmericanaFest's shows that night.  There are plenty of artists who deserve to be showcased and we're more than happy to give them the room to do their thing!  The show is FREE and will run all night.  You'll see fellow troubadour Trevor McSpadden, songstresses Alexis Stevens and Cheryl Desere'e, soulful duo Benjamin Douglas and Joseph Lekkas, wordsmith Nicholas Woods, and more...  We do hope to see you out!

  • The Robert's Troubadour

    Throughout the course of his career, Ernest Tubb was known by the title of "troubadour,"  often accompanied by the name of his current sponsor.  In the 1930's, Tubb barnstormed the towns of southwestern Texas in a white Plymouth complete with a PA speaker on top helping to proclaim the presence of the "Gold Chain (Flour) Troubadour." 

    When the folks at Flour Sack Cape ( in East Nashville approached me about making a video for "The Night That I Found Jesus Down At Robert's Western  World," I jumped at the chance to pay tribute to the venerable Nashville honky tonk.  Julie, the GM, was gracious enough to let us in early to soak the silence before the revelers took over.  She must have liked what she saw, along with owner Jesse Lee Jones, as the video made it's way onto the Robert's home page dubbing me "The Robert's Troubadour."  The song also appears now on "RWW Radio."

    Many talented folks have graced the stage at RWW, many more so than I.  To squeak into Lower Broadway folklore is more than this kid from Denver could ever imagine.  Thank you Mr. Jones, Julie, and Flour Sack Cape!  Here's to you E.T.!

  • "Believe In Country" Town Hall Concert

    "Believe In Country" Town Hall Concert

    I'll be holding my first webcast "Believe In Country" Town Hall concert at 8pm edt on Tuesday May 5th, 2015. I will play selections to be included as part of a new album, as well as talk about the vision behind the "Believe In Country" campaign, an effort seeking to reach audiences largely disenfranchised by the corporate culture of today's music industry, mass media, and politics. It is FREE to watch and participate in this event!

    Please, join me next Tuesday at the following link:

  • There's a great Willie Nelson line, "Miracles appear in the strangest of places."  At 416B Broadway is the building that once housed Sho-Bud Steel Guitar Co., Shot Jackson's Guitar, Rhinestone Western Wear, and today, Robert's Western World.  The beer is plentiful and cold, the grill is small but open until the last note is played, and the characters are plenty.  From the buskers to the bachelorettes, pin-ups to pompadours, country boys and carpetbaggers, you never know who you're sitting next to in this town.   

    Recorded and Produced by Jospeh Lekkas.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon.  Enjoy it!

  • Places To Go

    Places To Go

    Greetings all... 

    On a near 0 degree Wednesday night in early January we hosted our first installment of "Be Our Guest," in conjunction with American Legion Post 82 in East Nashville.  Our four piece band played for 3 people.  Those three told a few more people about it and the next week we had 10.  The following week nearly 20.  Last week 25.  We played host to great friends and artists Bradford Lee Folk and Donna Frost.  Mitchell Deli ( signed on as sponsor of The 777's.  I think the Legion even gained a few members!  The beer is cold and the company fine!  I guess we'll keep going...

    Folk traveler and troubadour Zach Schmidt ( will join us on February 4th

    Gravelly voiced, Americana bluesman Benjamin Douglas ( will join us on February 11th

    Folk wordsmith Nicholas Woods ( will join us on February 18th

    Song and dance man Colin G. O'Brien ( will join us on February 25th.

    Thanks, as always, for your interest and support!

  • Them Ol' Broadway Lights...

    Them Ol' Broadway Lights...

    Greetings all... 

    I'm pleased to say that we're into our second month of "Be Our Guest," in conjunction with the American Legion Post 82 in Inglewood.  Each Wednesday we present an array of guest artists, while The 777's and I continue to  take flight!  The pool table is open, the jukebox is playing, and the beer is cold!  Not to mention, great company!  Coming up:

    Folk traveler and troubadour Zach Schmidt ( will join us on February 4th

    Gravelly voiced, Americana bluesman Benjamin Douglas ( will join us on February 11th

    Folk wordsmith Nicholas Woods ( will join us on February 18th

    Thanks, as always, for your interest and support!

  • Be Our Guest

    Be Our Guest

    I am excited to announce a new project to be graciously hosted by the American Legion Post 82 here in Inglewood, on Nashville's east side.  "Be Our Guest...," a weekly residency, will feature myself, Matt Campbell, along with a house band, and of course, guests.  A steady stream of unique and talented artists will provide an ever changing musical landscape, while I'll do my best to make sure you feel right at home.  Shows will start Wednesday January 7, 2015.

    If you're a traveling troubadour, siren songstress, duo, trio, bluegrass band, country or western, and you'd like to Be Our Guest, please e-mail desired date (Wednesdays) and information to

    Thank you!

  • Face For Radio

    Face For Radio

    During the last month of touring for the year, I had the privilege of working with a couple of small commercial radio stations in, likewise, small towns: KLMX 1450AM Crossroads Country in Clayton, NM and KAFF 930AM Flagstaff Country in Flagstaff, AZ.  Both were gracious enough to have me on to talk about my music and upcoming projects, to play some music, and to help build local audiences.  In both instances, a few folks listening on the radio made their way to the shows.  

    I've heard people say that radio is dead.  However, in rural areas and smaller communities that don't have or rely on the latest advances in technology, broadcast radio still plays an integral part in the local culture.  It functions as entertainment, as well as a voice for local news, issues, and business. Local advertising is a large component of commerical radio.  As it pertains to music, both stations recognized the audience's desire for something different, orginal, and independent.  They are occupying a place in media that is scarcely related to the throw away convenience of hand held devices and an endless stream of unfiltered data.  

    Thank goodness for that!

    Listen to the interview from KAFF in Flagstaff, AZ

  • Back On The Trail

    Back On The Trail

    Howdy all!  Welcome to a revamped Chicago Talking Machine Co.  Whether you've been following along a while or you just started listening, thanks for stopping in!  During this summer's "Believe In Country" tour, I was again reminded of the best part of doing this. Meeting people.

    I relish the opportunity to listen to folks talk about themeselves, the places they live, the work they do, the dreams they have, or the setbacks they've encountered.  I like to hear a good joke as much as a strong opinion.  I like to learn something new.  I like bits of wisdom.

    Traveling is always good for perspective.  It nudges you out of your comfort zone and causes you to engage each new destination.  Each town is different.  Each audience is different.  Each is another chance to reach out and to relate.

    Be on the lookout as I add more dates to the calendar for this fall and, stay tuned for new music and projects.  Thanks, as always, for your support!