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Chow Down on These Top 10 African Restaurants in Chicago!

Chicago is known for its diverse culinary scene, and African cuisine is no exception.

From savory stews to crispy plantains, the city is home to a variety of African restaurants that offer a taste of the continent's rich flavors.

Whether you're a native Chicagoan or a visitor to the city, exploring the African food scene is a must. The cuisine is steeped in tradition and history, with each dish telling a story of its origins and cultural significance.

From West African jollof rice to East African injera, there's something for everyone to savor and enjoy.

One of the best things about African cuisine is its versatility. Many dishes can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences, making it an inclusive and accessible dining experience.

Whether you're a meat lover or a vegan, there's a dish for you at one of Chicago's many African restaurants.

In this blog post, we'll explore the best African restaurants in Chicago, highlighting the unique flavors and culinary traditions that make each one special.

From small family-owned eateries to upscale dining establishments, we'll cover it all. So, get ready to embark on a delicious journey through the diverse and flavorful world of African cuisine in Chicago.

1. Goree Cuisine

Goree Cuisine
1126 E 47th St, Chicago, IL 60653 (Google Maps)

Goree Cuisine is a Senegalese restaurant that serves up fresh and delicious food.

The menu offers a variety of tasty options, including snapper, tilapia, chicken curry, and lamb. The hibiscus drink and mint tea are also worth trying.

The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. While the service may be slow, it adds to the relaxed vibe of the restaurant.

The portions are generous and affordable, making Goree Cuisine a great spot to satisfy your cravings for West African cuisine.

2. Demera Restaurant

Demera Restaurant
4801 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640 (Google Maps)

Demera Restaurant offers an immersive culinary experience with authentic African cuisine.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere with traditional music playing on weekends. The shared-plate options make it perfect for family dining.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and they offer gluten-free injera which is delicious. The honey wine made in-house is a must-try.

If you're looking to try Ethiopian food for the first time or just want to have a great dining experience, Demera Restaurant is a great choice.

3. Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen
4543 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640 (Google Maps)

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen is a modern African restaurant that serves traditional Ethiopian dishes.

The food is fresh and tasty, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The vegan combination plate is highly recommended, as well as the golden tibs.

The restaurant also offers craft cocktails and a coffee ceremony. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the service is professional.

If you're looking for something new to try, Selam Ethiopian Kitchen is definitely worth a visit.

4. Badou Senegalese Cuisine

Badou Senegalese Cuisine
2049 W Howard St, Chicago, IL 60645 (Google Maps)

Badou Senegalese Cuisine is a modest restaurant that offers a range of traditional Senegalese meat and vegetarian dishes.

The food is flavorful and delicious, with generous portions. The owners are warm and welcoming, making dining here feel like eating with friends.

The menu is a bit intimidating due to the many choices, but customers essentially can't go wrong with any dish.

The restaurant is casual and BYOB, perfect for those looking for an authentic African dining experience.

5. Yinkres Nigerian Restaurant

Yinkres Nigerian Restaurant
2407 W Lunt Ave, Chicago, IL 60645 (Google Maps)

Yinkres Nigerian Restaurant offers delicious African cuisine in a neat and tidy environment.

Customers rave about the jollof rice, fish stew, and egusi soup.

The staff is friendly and polite, making for a pleasant dining experience.

If you're in the area, Yinkres Nigerian Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

6. Dynamic African Cuisine Inc

Dynamic African Cuisine Inc
1127 W Thorndale Ave, Chicago, IL 60660 (Google Maps)

Dynamic African Cuisine Inc is a must-visit for anyone looking for authentic African and Jamaican food.

The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including soups that are both spicy and flavorful.

The food is prepared with care, and the portions are generous. The restaurant is clean and well-maintained.

If you're in the mood for West African cuisine, Dynamic African Cuisine Inc is the place to go.

7. B&Q Afro Root Cuisine

B&Q Afro Root Cuisine
4701 N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60640 (Google Maps)

B&Q Afro Root Cuisine is an exceptional African restaurant that offers authentic and delicious Nigerian cuisine.

The portions are large and affordable, and the staff is friendly. Although the space is small and the entry process can be unclear, the food more than makes up for it.

From jollof rice to fufu and efo riro soup, the menu offers a variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for an authentic African food experience.

8. Osas African Restaurant

Osas African Restaurant
1027 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640 (Google Maps)

Osas African Restaurant is a hidden gem serving up delicious Nigerian cuisine.

The restaurant may be small, but the flavors are big and bold. The chicken is cooked to perfection and the egusi stew is a must-try.

The prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is cozy and feels like home.

Don't miss out on this authentic and affordable dining experience.

9. Qaato African Restaurant

Qaato African Restaurant
7118 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626 (Google Maps)

Qaato African Restaurant is a must-visit for those looking for delicious and authentic African cuisine. The menu is filled with a range of West African dishes, including Egusi soup, Jollof rice, and Efforiro.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, making it easy for customers to choose their meals.

The restaurant is affordable and the portions are generous. The ambiance is cozy and welcoming, making it a great spot for a casual meal with friends or family.

Whether you are a fan of African cuisine or looking to try something new, Qaato African Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

10. Yassa African Restaurant

Yassa African Restaurant
3511 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60653 (Google Maps)

Yassa African Restaurant serves authentic West African cuisine in a cozy and colorful setting.

The food is made to order with fresh ingredients, and the flavors are well seasoned and not too spicy. The lamb chops and jollof rice are particularly delicious.

The friendly staff is attentive and knowledgeable about the history of the dishes and drinks. The lunch deal is a great value, and takeout orders are also available.

While the service can be slow due to the made-to-order cooking, the wait is worth it for the flavorful and filling dishes.