Chic-Arched: The Top 4 Must-See Churches in Chicago!

Chicago is a city known for its diverse and vibrant community, and this extends to its religious institutions.

With hundreds of churches scattered throughout the city, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones to visit. That's why we've compiled a list of the best churches in Chicago to help you narrow down your options.

From historic cathedrals to contemporary worship spaces, the churches on our list all offer something unique and special.

Whether you're looking for a traditional service or a more modern approach to worship, there is a church in Chicago that will meet your needs.

But it's not just about the physical space and aesthetics. The best churches in Chicago also have strong communities that welcome and embrace newcomers.

They offer a sense of belonging and purpose, as well as opportunities to serve and give back to the community.

So whether you're a lifelong Chicagoan or just visiting for the weekend, we hope our list of the best churches in Chicago will help you find a spiritual home away from home.

1. The Moody Church

The Moody Church
1635 N La Salle Dr, Chicago, IL 60614 (Google Maps)

The Moody Church is a vibrant and diverse non-denominational Christian church.

The preaching is sound and Bible-focused, and the congregation is welcoming to all.

The church offers various ministries for children, youth, and adults, and there is a Spanish-speaking congregation as well.

The sanctuary is stunning, and the music is a mix of jazz and funk. The Moody Church is a great place to grow spiritually and connect with other believers.

2. Harvest Bible Chapel – Chicago Cathedral

Harvest Bible Chapel - Chicago Cathedral
935 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610 (Google Maps)

Harvest Bible Chapel – Chicago Cathedral is a beautiful church with a rich history.

The worship is authentic and the message from Pastor James is inspiring.

The cathedral building adds to the overall experience, making it a unique and memorable place to worship.

If you're looking for a church with a great atmosphere and meaningful service, Harvest Bible Chapel – Chicago Cathedral is definitely worth checking out.

3. Church of the Three Crosses

Church Of The Three Crosses
333 W Wisconsin St, Chicago, IL 60614 (Google Maps)

The Church of the Three Crosses is a welcoming place for all who seek spiritual fulfillment. As an Open and Affirming church in the UCC, they create a space where everyone can feel accepted and valued.

The creative worship services provide a unique and engaging way to experience spirituality.

The intellectual opportunities offered by the church are a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of faith.

If you are looking for a community that welcomes you as you are, then the Church of the Three Crosses is a great place to start.

4. VIVE Church Chicago

Vive Church Chicago
1443 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60642 (Google Maps)

VIVE Church Chicago is a refreshing church with a phenomenal Kids ministry.

The pastors and team are amazing at cultivating genuine relationships, making it a wonderful place to be.

It's a great community to be a part of and a fantastic place to worship.