Chicago’s Top 7 Italian Groceries: Buon Appetito Awaits!

Chicago is a city of many cultures, and among them, Italian culture stands out with its rich cuisine and traditions.

If you're a fan of Italian food, you're in luck because Chicago has a plethora of Italian grocery stores that cater to your every need. From fresh pasta to imported olive oil, these stores have it all.

Italian grocery stores are more than just places to buy food. They are cultural hubs that bring together people who share a love for Italian cuisine. Many of these stores have been around for decades, and they have become institutions in their own right.

They are places where you can find ingredients that are hard to come by elsewhere, connect with the Italian community, and learn more about Italian culture.

Whether you're an Italian expat in search of familiar tastes or a Chicagoan looking to explore new flavors, these stores have something for everyone.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best Italian grocery stores in Chicago.

1. Tony's Italian Deli & Subs

Tony's Italian Deli & Subs
6708 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL 60631 (Google Maps)

Tony's Italian Deli & Subs is a family-owned Italian grocery store that offers high-quality imported foodstuffs. The store also has a sandwich shop and delicatessen that serves some of the best subs in town.

Customers can choose from a variety of ready-to-eat food options or purchase ingredients to make their own Italian meals at home.

The store has a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff who are always ready to help. Parking can be a bit challenging, but it's worth the effort to visit this gem of a store.

Whether you're craving Italian meats, cheeses, or desserts, Tony's Italian Deli & Subs has got you covered.

2. J.P. Graziano Grocery

J.p. Graziano Grocery
901 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607 (Google Maps)

J.P. Graziano Grocery is a hidden gem for anyone looking for authentic Italian sandwiches.

This family-owned business has been around since 1937, and it's easy to see why. The deli meats are freshly sliced and the bread is crusty and delicious.

The Mr. G and Porchetta sandwiches are highly recommended, but there are plenty of other options to choose from.

The service is friendly and the atmosphere is casual. If you're in the mood for a quick and tasty sandwich, J.P. Graziano Grocery is the place to go.

3. Riviera Foods Chicago

Riviera Foods Chicago
3220 N Harlem Ave, Chicago, IL 60634 (Google Maps)

Riviera Foods Chicago is a small, family-owned Italian grocery store that offers a wide selection of homemade meats, cheeses, and pasta.

The deli sandwiches are a standout item and are made with fresh ingredients. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, offering great customer service.

If you're looking for specific Italian items that you can't find at big chain grocery stores, this is the place to go.

The store has a vintage feel and is a great place to discover new Italian products. Riviera Foods Chicago is a must-visit for anyone who loves authentic Italian food.

4. Tempesta Market

Tempesta Market
1372 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 (Google Maps)

Tempesta Market is a must-visit for anyone who loves Italian food. This hybrid deli, sandwich shop, and grocery market offers artisanal fare that is sure to impress.

The staff are friendly and attentive, and the quality of the food is top-notch. Whether you're in the mood for a sandwich, pasta, or charcuterie, you won't be disappointed.

The gelato is a must-try, and the wine selection is nicely priced. The atmosphere is great, and the attention to detail is evident in everything from the fresh ingredients to the homemade bread.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience Tempesta Market for yourself.

5. Calabria Imports

Calabria Imports
1905 W 103rd St, Chicago, IL 60643 (Google Maps)

Calabria Imports is a long-running Italian market and deli that offers a variety of fresh and authentic Italian foods.

They are known for their signature sandwiches, homemade chips, and Italian classics. Customers rave about the quality of their food, fair pricing, and great customer service.

The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is genuine. The restaurant also offers catering and has a food truck called Calabria on Wheels.

If you're looking for delicious Italian food, Calabria Imports is the place to go.

6. Serrelli's Finer Foods

Serrelli's Finer Foods
6454 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60707 (Google Maps)

Serrelli's Finer Foods is an enduring Italian grocery store that offers a great selection of meats and cheeses.

The store has been in business for over 80 years and is a Chicago gem. The employees are friendly and helpful, and the service is superb.

The beef and sausage are delicious and affordable. The deli offers authentic and well-prepared sandwiches and frozen foods.

The store also offers catering quantities of their Italian beef. This is definitely a place to visit for anyone looking for high-quality Italian food.

7. Cafe L'Appetito

Cafe L'appetito
30 E Huron St, Chicago, IL 60611 (Google Maps)

Cafe L'Appetito is an authentic Italian grocery store that offers a wide variety of Italian products. The sandwiches are fresh and delicious, and the prices are reasonable.

The staff is friendly and the service is excellent. The store is clean and well-organized, making it easy to find what you need.

The gelato and cannoli are a must-try and the bakery items are fresh and delicious.

If you are looking for an Italian grocery store that offers great food and a pleasant shopping experience, Cafe L'Appetito is definitely worth a visit.