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Carb Heaven: 16 Must-Try Pasta Places in the Windy City

Chicago is a city that knows how to do pasta right. From classic Italian dishes to modern twists, there are plenty of options for pasta lovers in the Windy City.

But with so many choices, how do you know where to go for the best pasta? That's where this guide comes in.

We've scoured the city to find the best pasta places, each with its own unique style and flavor. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty bowl of spaghetti and meatballs or a light and fresh seafood linguine, we've got you covered.

And don't worry, we've included options for all budgets, from casual neighborhood spots to upscale restaurants.

Chicago is a city that takes its food seriously, and pasta is no exception. We've found places that use only the freshest ingredients and make their pasta from scratch daily.

And for those who prefer gluten-free or vegetarian options, we've got recommendations for you too.

So whether you're a local looking for a new spot to try or a visitor wanting to indulge in some delicious pasta, this guide will provide you with the ultimate list of the best pasta places in Chicago.

Get ready to carb-load and enjoy!

1. Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio
1020 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607 (Google Maps)

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio is a must-visit for anyone looking for upscale Italian cuisine.

The restaurant serves delicious appetizers, pastas, and mains that are made fresh to order. The chicken is a standout dish, but everything on the menu is worth trying.

The service is attentive and helpful, and the atmosphere is stylish and inviting. Make sure to reserve a table in advance, as this restaurant is always in high demand.

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio is the perfect spot for a romantic date or a special occasion.

2. Gibsons Italia

Gibsons Italia
233 N Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606 (Google Maps)

Looking for a high-style Italian steakhouse with amazing pasta dishes and a vast wine list in Chicago, look no further than Gibsons Italia.

With three levels, two fireplaces, and a roof deck, this swanky restaurant offers a lively atmosphere and beautiful views of the city.

The menu may be limited, but everything is incredibly well done, especially the Spicy Rigatoni and Prosciutto Di San.

The service is impeccable, and the price to food ratio is off the charts for such an upscale joint. If you're in the mood for some delicious Italian cuisine and a great experience, Gibsons Italia is a must-visit.

3. La Scarola

La Scarola
721 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654 (Google Maps)

La Scarola is a small, cozy Italian restaurant that serves classic comfort food.

The menu boasts traditional pasta dishes such as penne vodka and spaghetti & meatballs, as well as veal chop and chicken parmesan. The portions are generous, and the prices are fair.

The service is quick and efficient, and the atmosphere is great for a casual night out. The restaurant is reservation-only, so be sure to call ahead.

If you're looking for an authentic Italian dining experience, La Scarola is definitely worth a try.

4. Sapori Trattoria

Sapori Trattoria
2701 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614 (Google Maps)

Sapori Trattoria offers delicious Italian cuisine with a cozy atmosphere.

The wine selection is impressive and the portions are generous. The pasta dishes are a must-try, especially the carbonara and pesto.

Vegetarian options are available and can be customized to your liking. The service is excellent and the staff is accommodating to large parties.

Don't miss out on the tiramisu for dessert. This restaurant is a great value and a must-visit for Italian food lovers.

5. Volare Ristorante Italiano

Volare Ristorante Italiano
201 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 (Google Maps)

Volare Ristorante Italiano is a must-visit for anyone who craves authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant's pasta dishes are cooked to perfection, and the seafood options are equally impressive.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with outdoor seating that is kept warm even on cold nights.

The portions are generous, so it's best to come with friends and family to share. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making dining here a memorable experience.

The wine selection is impressive, and the desserts are a must-try. Volare Ristorante Italiano is a classic Italian restaurant that will satisfy any pasta lover's cravings.

6. Francesca's On Chestnut

Francesca's On Chestnut
200 E Chestnut St, Chicago, IL 60611 (Google Maps)

Francesca's On Chestnut is an upscale Italian restaurant and wine bar serving classic Italian cuisine and imported wines.

The restaurant has a sophisticated atmosphere with dark wood paneling and attentive staff. The menu features handmade pasta dishes, including a pasta dish served out of a Parmesan cheese wheel.

The white fish and chicken with lemon cream sauce are highly recommended, as are the appetizers and desserts.

The restaurant is perfect for business dinners or romantic engagements, and the staff works well together to provide excellent service.

7. Pasta D'Arte Trattoria Italiana

Pasta D'arte Trattoria Italiana
6311 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60646 (Google Maps)

Pasta D'Arte Trattoria Italiana is a charming bistro that serves authentic Italian cuisine, wine, and cocktails.

Their homemade pasta dishes are a must-try, especially the rigatoni alla vodka. The restaurant has a warm and lively atmosphere, perfect for a family-friendly dining experience.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing excellent service to customers. Although it may be a bit pricey, the generous portions and delicious food make it worth the cost.

Pasta D'Arte Trattoria Italiana is highly recommended for anyone looking for a classic Italian dining experience.

8. Torchio Pasta Bar

Torchio Pasta Bar
738 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654 (Google Maps)

Torchio Pasta Bar is an intimate Italian eatery and bar that serves up some of the best homemade pastas in town.

The sauces are full of flavor and the portions are generous.

The friendly and attentive service adds to the overall dining experience.

The atmosphere is lively and creates a great buzz. This is a must-visit spot for true lovers of food.

9. Provare Chicago

Provare Chicago
1421 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 (Google Maps)

Looking for a great Italian and Fusion restaurant in Chicago, then Provare Chicago is the place to go.

With a fantastic menu that includes house-made pasta and seafood dishes, this restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who loves great food. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, making it a great spot to pregame or relax after work.

Make sure to book your reservations beforehand, though, as the space is quite small. The customer service is top-notch, and the staff is accommodating to parties of all sizes.

Whether you're looking for a brunch spot or a dinner destination, Provare Chicago is sure to impress.

10. Ciccio Mio

Ciccio Mio
226 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654 (Google Maps)

Ciccio Mio is a must-visit Italian restaurant with an elegant and cozy ambience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, making it easy to find the right dish.

The pasta is the star of the show, with flavorful sauces and perfectly cooked noodles.

The meatballs and beef tartare appetizers are also worth trying. The restaurant is perfect for date nights or special occasions.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to try the amazing amaretto ice cream for dessert.

11. Franco's Ristorante

Franco's Ristorante
300 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60616 (Google Maps)

Franco's Ristorante is a charming Italian restaurant serving traditional pasta and meat dishes. The ambiance is cozy and intimate, making it a great spot for a date night.

The menu offers a variety of options at reasonable prices, including a delicious super Tuscan wine for only $22.

The service is friendly and knowledgeable, with waitstaff willing to help recommend dishes.

The food is superb, with appetizers coming out quickly and entrees following appropriately. Franco's Ristorante is a hidden gem that is definitely worth checking out.

12. Topo Gigio Ristorante

Topo Gigio Ristorante
1516 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610 (Google Maps)

Topo Gigio Ristorante is a traditional Italian restaurant that serves delicious pasta dishes cooked to order.

The seafood dishes are also highly recommended. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere with an outdoor patio.

The waitstaff are friendly and provide excellent service. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food and service.

Vegetarian options are limited, but the meat dishes are well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. If you're a pasta lover, this is definitely a place to check out.

13. Riccardo Trattoria

Riccardo Trattoria
2119 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614 (Google Maps)

Riccardo Trattoria is a cozy and intimate Italian restaurant that serves authentic Northern Italian cuisine.

The restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes, including house-made pastas, seafood, and meat entrees.

The wood-burning oven adds an extra layer of flavor to the dishes. The wine list is varied and complements the food well.

The service is attentive and friendly. Riccardo Trattoria is a great place to have a romantic dinner or to enjoy a night out with friends.

14. Pasta Palazzo

Pasta Palazzo
1966 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614 (Google Maps)

Pasta Palazzo is a cozy Italian restaurant that offers a wide variety of pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, and daily specials.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, and they offer gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

The portions are large, and the prices are reasonable. The food is made-to-order and always fresh. The house sangria is a must-try for those who enjoy a good drink.

If you're looking for a casual Italian dining experience, Pasta Palazzo is definitely worth checking out.

15. BarTucci Homemade Italian Food

Bartucci Homemade Italian Food
3426 N Harlem Ave, Chicago, IL 60634 (Google Maps)

BarTucci Homemade Italian Food is a hidden gem for Italian cuisine.

The restaurant boasts a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and fresh homemade pasta. The portions are generous, and the flavors are authentic.

The BYOB policy adds to the affordability of the dining experience.

Whether it's a date night or a family dinner, BarTucci Homemade Italian Food is definitely worth a visit.

16. Il Porcellino

Il Porcellino
59 W Hubbard St #2, Chicago, IL 60654 (Google Maps)

Il Porcellino is a lively Italian restaurant and bar that serves up delicious housemade pastas and Italian specials.

The restaurant has a casual-chic vibe and is perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner. The menu is extensive and features a variety of pasta dishes, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

The food is prepared fresh and is bursting with flavor. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that every guest has a great dining experience.

If you're looking for a great Italian restaurant, Il Porcellino is definitely worth checking out.