Knead Relief? Discover Chicago’s 13 Best Thai Massage Spots!

Chicago is a bustling city with a vibrant culture and an endless list of things to do. However, with so much activity, it can be easy to forget to take time for yourself.

That's where Thai massage comes in. With its focus on energy flow and stretching, Thai massage is a form of bodywork that can help you relax, relieve stress, and improve your overall well-being.

If you're looking for the best Thai massage places in Chicago, you've come to the right place.

We've searched the city to find the top spots where you can experience the benefits of this ancient practice.

Whether you're a local or just visiting, we've got you covered. From traditional Thai massage techniques to modern adaptations, we've compiled a list of the best places to get a Thai massage in Chicago.

So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the city's top destinations for rejuvenation and relaxation.

1. Chicago Touch

Chicago Touch
1335 W Lake St #102, Chicago, IL 60607 (Google Maps)

Chicago Touch is a hidden gem for those looking for a top-notch Thai massage experience.

With a team of talented therapists, each with their own unique style, you're sure to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The prices are reasonable, and the environment is welcoming and peaceful.

Whether you're in need of sports massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy, or just looking to unwind with a Swedish massage, Chicago Touch has got you covered.

Highly recommended for anyone in search of an exceptional massage experience.

2. Pierce Doerr Thai bodywork and yoga

Pierce Doerr Thai Bodywork And Yoga
3304 N Lincoln Ave Suite B, Chicago, IL 60657 (Google Maps)

Pierce Doerr Thai bodywork and yoga is a highly recommended Thai massage place.

Pierce, a skilled massage therapist, is an expert in the art of Thai massage.

He knows exactly where to focus on the body to alleviate any pains.

If you're looking for a professional Thai massage therapist, Pierce is the one to visit.

3. BOON Thai spa

Boon Thai Spa
3410 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657 (Google Maps)

BOON Thai spa is a top-notch massage spa that offers traditional Thai massages.

Their professional massage therapists ensure that customers have a great experience during their visit.

The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is friendly.

Anyone looking for a great massage should definitely give BOON Thai spa a try.

4. Bodywise Spa

Bodywise Spa
1121 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (Google Maps)

Bodywise Spa is a top-notch Thai massage place with experienced and kind staff. Their combination of deep tissue, hot stone, and sports massage is a real treat for the body.

The therapists are well trained and know exactly where to focus on the pain points. The facility is clean and well-maintained. Scheduling a massage is easy and immediate.

The massage therapists are accommodating to the client's needs and adjust the pressure as per the requirement. The 90-minute deep Swedish massage is highly recommended.

The knots and soreness in the body vanish after the massage leaving the client feeling relaxed and invigorated. Bodywise Spa is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the best Thai massage.

5. Lang Ocean Spa Thai Bodywork

Lang Ocean Spa Thai Bodywork
355 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654 (Google Maps)

Lang Ocean Spa Thai Bodywork is a professional and courteous massage spa that offers high-quality deep tissue massages.

Their Thai massage therapists are skilled in stretching and therapeutic techniques that leave clients feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The spa is clean, calming, and provides a comfortable environment for clients to unwind.

With reasonable prices and excellent service, Lang Ocean Spa Thai Bodywork is highly recommended for anyone looking for a great massage experience.

6. Health Care Spa

Health Care Spa
6052 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634 (Google Maps)

Looking for a top-notch Thai massage experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, then Health Care Spa is the perfect place for you.

This massage center offers a variety of massage services, including foot massage, hot bedstone spa, aromatherapy, and reflexology.

Their massage therapists are highly skilled and can pinpoint the exact spot where the pain arises. They use a combination of techniques that will help alleviate any aches and pains in your body.

The spa is clean, and the staff is friendly and professional. If you're looking for a great massage experience, then Health Care Spa is highly recommended.

7. Princess Spa Thai Bodywork

Princess Spa Thai Bodywork
821 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 (Google Maps)

Princess Spa Thai Bodywork offers an authentic Thai massage experience.

Skilled therapists provide the right pressure and stretching techniques.

The spa is clean and affordable. Highly recommended for those who enjoy Thai massage or want to try something new.

A great way to relax and refresh.

8. Foot Station Thai Bodywork

Foot Station Thai Bodywork
2853 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 (Google Maps)

Foot Station Thai Bodywork is a top-notch Thai massage place. The masseuses are certified, skilled, and professional.

They can identify problem areas and deliver an excellent deep tissue massage. The environment is cozy, welcoming, and very clean.

The decor inside the rooms is beautiful. The service is phenomenal, and the employees are mindful people.

The hot stone part is a highlight for many customers. The couples massage is a must-try. The prices are worth it. Highly recommended.

9. Massage Ling Ling

Massage Ling Ling
3058 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 (Google Maps)

Massage Ling Ling is a beautifully decorated and elegant massage spa. They offer a variety of massages, including Thai massage, sports massage, and Swedish massage.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and they ask what areas to target during the massage.

Julie, Rose, Coco, Jessica, and Heidi are highly recommended for a top-quality massage.

Massage Ling Ling is a great option for office workers looking to relieve stress and tension.

10. Be Well

Be Well
2251 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60618 (Google Maps)

Be Well is a chic and clean Thai massage place with friendly staff.

Their skilled massage therapists offer a variety of massages including sports and Thai massages.

Customers have raved about the incredible massages they received from Cory and Michelle.

Be Well also offers acupuncture and wellness programs. Highly recommended for those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

11. Thai Siri Bodywork

Thai Siri Bodywork
4800 N Broadway #204A, Chicago, IL 60640 (Google Maps)

Thai Siri Bodywork offers exceptional Thai massage services that leave customers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The massage therapists are highly skilled and work hard to remove knots and stretch the body for a thorough massage experience.

Customers rave about the friendly atmosphere and excellent staff, and many have become regulars.

The prices are affordable, making it an excellent option for those looking for a good massage in the area. If you're feeling stressed or tense, a visit to Thai Siri Bodywork is a must.

12. Aroma Thai Spa

Aroma Thai Spa
3807 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60613 (Google Maps)

Aroma Thai Spa offers a range of services including massage therapy, facial spa, foot massage parlor, reflexology, and Thai massage therapy.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, providing a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The massage therapists are skilled and professional, leaving customers feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The foot massage is particularly noteworthy, as it is both relaxing and invigorating.

The overall experience at Aroma Thai Spa is one of relaxation and tranquility, making it a great place to unwind after a long day.

13. Princess Spa

Princess Spa
1338 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 (Google Maps)

Princess Spa offers an incredible Thai massage experience.

The talented and professional masseuse utilizes amazing stretches that make it a healing massage.

The massage spa is highly recommended and worth a revisit.

If you're looking for a great Thai massage therapist, Princess Spa is the place to go.